Knit the Curtain

a BIG thank you to all our passionate and generous knitters & sewers!


Over 40 knitters are working their knitted pieces at home at the moment. We
are already very much looking forward to receiving all of the knitted

The curtain will be sewed together in the Café of Theater Kikker on the 18th from
18.00h and will be hang up officially at 21.00h.

This action will be guided by our sewing expert Brent and he still
needs support!
Do you know eager sewing people? Then we would be very grateful, if
you could forward them our request.
Or do you even yourself like to sew with us? Then come directly to
Kikker on the 17th of May, bring your knitted piece and we create the
curtain together!

Please write an email, if your are planning to volunteer to:
We will provide drinks and some snacks for every participant!


Help us to knit a curtain for Theater Kikker in Utrecht!

We will send you wool home and you send us your knitted piece for the curtain in return.

We need: knitted-pieces of 1 meter by 1 meter!

A selection of 45 separately knitted sections will form the new curtain. The knitted pieces will be sewed together on the 17th of May 2012 – during the opening night of Festival a/d Werf in Utrecht for the show Heide.

Please, remember to send your knitted piece until 10th May to:

Huis en Festival a/d Werf
Knit the Curtain!
Boorstraat 107
3513 SE Utrecht
The Netherlands

Download Manual: Knit the curtain.PDF

Download: deutsche Anleitung_Knit the curtain.PDF


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